Message of Vice Chairman

                                                 OUR DREAMS HAVE TO BE BIGGER
                                                 OUR AMBITIONS SOARING HIGH,
                                                OUR COMMITMENT SHOULD BE DEEPER
                                                 AND OUR EFFORTS TO TOUCH THE SKY



As the time is changing, education needs to be seen with new eyes, free from baggage of yesterday’s characterization. My vision is to develop a school which encourages creative and free thinking where a child is free to ask fundamental questions, enquire and learn. Where an atmosphere of space, freedom, care and security is created in which children are helped to enlarge their horizon. The teachers are concerned with the developing individual talent and intelligence of each child and not merely a few. We should be aware of child’s talent as well as limitations and allow him to develop in his own way and not on the basis of predetermined expectations.

It is our endeavor and an effort towards creating a wider awareness of the world and giving space for multidimensional development of the students as well as teachers. I hope students passing out from Techtrain school & college would grow into self aware, sensitive and responsible human beings who remain lifelong learners.